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The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats from 25 factories. Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Serial numbers from 70' and 80's era Epiphone guitars made in Japan are not supported. The reason for this is that there is no reliable documentation from this time period. This Module has been updated to work with the newer serial number formats. F-Serial used on LP Std'59/'60 models and Tribute/Plus models. This newest serial number system used by Epiphone is not yet completely deciphered. 'F' doesn't refer to 'Fine, Korea' - nor to 'Fuji-gen, Japan' - New F models are made in China. This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all

The last 5 digits form the series sequence number. Serial number 11 05 15 00160 is the 160 th guitar built in May 2011 at the factory of Qingdao in China. (Since 2004 Epiphone guitars have been produced in China For Epiphone serial numbers that begin with a letter (s), this list identifies the factory & country where produced: B - Bohêmia Musico-Delicia (Czech Republic) BW - ____?____ (China) C - Cort (Korea To understand the significance of the Epiphone serial number, we first need to look at how their company history intertwines with that of Gibson. Epiphone started as a family business in 1873 as a luxury banjo manufacturer. In the 1930's, they switched up their business model and began producing high-end guitars, and became the only manufacturer to successfully make the transition. They grew. Serial Number Search Gibson Serial Numbers 1975-Present This section is designed to assist in dating and/or identifying instruments manufactured or distributed by Gibson Guitar Corp. Please note that most of this information relates to serial numbers used from 1975 to present. For more details on Gibson Serialization prior to 1975 and historical product specs, use your Gruhn's Guide or view. Some Epiphone models for European distribution were made by the Czech company Bohêmia Musico-Delicia in the 1990s. I played a couple of Les Pauls when I was an exchange student in Germany in the late '90s. To be frank, I reckon there's an undeserved mythology which has developed around these guitars

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  1. Product Registration Customer Service Report Counterfeits Serial Number FAQ. Dealer Resource Center; Locate A Dealer; Looking for Something Specific? {{itemCount}} {{sku.Description}} Review Cart . Checkout × We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our.
  2. Epiphone stamps each guitar with a serial number, however, which when deciphered can tell a guitarist all he needs to know about the guitar. Locate the serial number on the back of the guitar's headstock (the top of the neck where the strings are attached). The serial number will generally be nine to 10 digits long, with the first being a letter. Identify the first letter in the serial number.
  3. Note: The discontinued Epiphone Slash Les Paul made has a standard Epiphone serial number. Tony Iommi SG Numbered in sequence as TI xxx Zakk Wylde Les Paul Bullseye and the rare Rough Top version numbered in sequence as ZW xxx Camo version numbered in sequence as ZPW xxx Gibson Banjos 1988 to present. Earl Scruggs Models Standard: Sequential production number, starting.
  4. Epiphone Most regular production models since ca. 1993. Many '80s and early '90s serial numbers may follow a similar scheme, but may not include a factory ID code. FYYMMRRRR F= Factory code (this can be 2 letters as well) YY= year of manufacture (this can also be just 1 digit for '90s models) MM= month of manufactur
  5. Hi, I have such an Epiphone, serial number begining with 88 and I cannot find when it was made either! I would guess the guitar is either a copy or eipiphone had samples made by prospective suppliers in the late eighties. Due to the 88 at the front I think it might be an early sample from the company whom started manufacture in the 90's for Epiphone. There is one extra digit to many to show it.

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look at the first number. Is it possible that the 8 is in fact a B if so, it was a model sold only for Europe. Your guitar was made at the Bohemia Musico-Delica Plant, Czech Republic on June, 2005 Production Number: B is factory.- 05 is the year. 06 is the month. 0988 is the production number. I thought The I on my serial number was a 1. Then. Epiphone is an American musical instrument manufacturer founded in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.In 1957, Epiphone, Inc. was purchased by Gibson and relocated from New York to Kalamazoo, Michigan.Epiphone was Gibson's main rival in the archtop market prior to 1957. Aside from guitars, Epiphone also made double basses, banjos, and other string instruments

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  1. Well, you always read about the eternal Korea-China Battle, when it comes to Epiphone Les Pauls. But what about the Bohemia Plant in the Czech Republic? Its B in the Serial. How is their quality compared to the Koreans
  2. 4. Has the Epiphone box in the picture 5. Generic looking pictures 6. The serial number is not shown 7. Claims the guitar project dater guarantees authenticity. Guitar Dater Project does not mean it's authentic, These seller's copy serial no's! 8. Look to see if it has two fat E's in the serial number 9. Look to see if the washers on the.
  3. ing the age of a guitar, this is often not the exact date. As a result of the overlap between years, Fender serial numbers are also not by definition chronological. In the past.
  4. Firstly, it isn't a proper Epiphone, but was marketed by them as a student model. It is an Epi, made by the Marina company, in Taiwan, around 1979 and a short period afterwards. Most acoustic guitars, and certainly good quality ones, will have a s..
  5. F-Serial used on LP Std'59/'60 models and Tribute/Plus models This newest serial number system used by Epiphone is not yet completely deciphered. 'F' doesn't refer to 'Fine, Korea' - nor to 'Fuji-gen, Japan' - New F models are made in China. This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard was first introduced in 1989 and was originally made at the Samick Plant in Korea.Although not Epiphone's first Les Paul model, the 1989 Standards and Customs were their first Gibson-licensed set-neck Les Paul that closely resembled the original model. Prior to 1989, Epiphone's Les Paul offerings were in the form of the LP-1, 2 & 3 bolt-neck models and a. Epiphone ist eine seit dem Jahr 1928 bestehende US-amerikanische Handelsmarke für Zupfinstrumente.Bis 1957 war Epiphone eine eigenständige Firma, die seit den 1930er-Jahren besonders für ihr Angebot an hochwertigen Archtop-Gitarren bekannt war. Im Jahr 1957 wurde Epiphone dem konkurrierenden Musikinstrumentenbau-Unternehmen Gibson Guitar Corporation angegliedert Actually, and this is incorrect on the Epiphone site as well, from at least 1986-1992, the first number of the serial indicates the year for any Samick-made Epiphones. Most Epiphones were made at the Samick plant at that time. The exceptions would be the Japanese guitars like the late Matsumokus, Teradas and Fuji-Gens. I'm not sure how the serials work on those

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In c. 1936 serial numbers started possibly near SN 1 (first documented is SN 25) and reached the 7000s by the time electric instrument/amp production was virtually halted during WW2. Currently I have listed Zephyr Spanish SN 7182 as the last pre-war electric guitar. When Epiphone restarted electric instrument production in 1946, only the Zephyr. This website possesses NO DATABASE of guitars made by manufactures, instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used. It follows that potential scammers can use this knowledge to try to trick unsuspecting buyers. If you have any doubts as to a guitars' authenticity please contact the guitar manufacturer before your purchase Ever find a great bargain on an Epiphone guitar at a pawn shop or yard sale? If the neck has been changed, or if the headstock is worn, then you may not know what model the guitar is. Luckily there's a website that can help you to find out what model guitar you have. All you need is your serial number and soon you will know the model type and model number of the guitar, as well as where the. I received my signature epiphone sg tony iommi on 17.01.19. The guitar is ok, but the certificate with the serial number is missing. After several emails, nothing happens. I am quite unhappy, this certificate is important for me, and I do not want to send the guitar. No one knows where is this certificate ????

The latest serial number system used by Epiphone has not yet been completely deciphered. The new F models are made in China. The system uses running model numbers rather than a dedicated code for year, month, and place of manufacture. F300000 = late 2009 used on LP Std'59/Std'60/Tribute models Continued around F310650~F311050 in spring 2012 on Tribute-Plus models Continued around F305000 in. Wenn Du Epiphone Serial Korea eingibst, findest Du zB. das hier: (Czech Republic); SI = Samick Indonesia F = Fujigen (Japan) Example: U8034853 U= Unsung 8= 1998 03 = March 4853= manufacturing number Paßt jetzt nicht ganz auf Deine Gitarre (LP Special?), allerdings wundert mich auch, daß dort eine Seriennummer auf einem Klebestreifen prangt und nicht auf die Headstockrückseite gedruckt. Da rocken sogar die Nachbarn mit! Epiphone Instrumente zu Bestpreise Current Epiphone serial numbers give the following information: Korea. I = Saein; U = Unsung; S = Samick; P or R = Peerless; K = Korea; China . MR=CHINA; DW = DaeWon; EA = Gibson/QingDao; EE = Gibson/QingDao; MC = Muse; SJ = SaeJung; Z = Zaozhuang Saehan; BW = China; Japan. No letter or F = FujiGen; J or T = Terada; Czech Republic. B = Bohêmia Musico-Delicia; Indonesia. SI = Samick Indonesia. Beginning in 1961, Epiphone serial numbers follow Gibson's serial number series. All models, stamped in back top of peghead. No MADE IN USA stamp below serial number! Note many serial numbers are duplicated from 1963-1969. To figure out which is the exact year for a guitar, see the General Specs section for details. Numbers thanks to Walter Carter. Number Range Year----- ---- 0100 to 42440.

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Note #2: Guitars with no serial number were produced at many different times. Samick branded models did not start using serials until around 1987. Also, the Indonesian factory did not use serials from it's opening in 1992 until around 2000. However, there were also some Korean Artist Series Strats made around 1995-1996 with no serial numbers. Top 20 serials: date: rating: Add to bookmark Add serials Link to us Contact us. Last 20 referers: Last queries 1937 Kay M-1 Serial Number 1186 First Year of Kay Basses SOLD Regular price: $5,995.00 Sale price: 1960 Epiphone Upright Bass made by Gibson SOLD Regular price: $3,995.00 Sale price: 1995 Romanian Made Klengel Upright Bass Solid Carved Woods SOLD Regular price: $2,695.00 Sale price: 1960 Kay S-9 Swingmaster Blonde Upright Bass SOLD Regular. Find the current Blue Book value and worth of your new and used guitars, both acoustic, electric and amplifier. The number one source of guitar and amplifier pricing and information so you can find the price and value of your used guitars and amplifier. Use this site for a pricing guide and source of information on all guitars

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Epiphone is one of American's oldest and most revered instrument makers and since 1873, Epiphone has made instruments for every style of popular music. The name evokes both history and the spirit of invention. Epiphone has been an audible presence in every great musical era from the mandolin craze of the early 1900s to jazz age guitars of the 1920s. From swing-era archtops through post-war pop. Washburn Guitar Serial Number Database - tinourl.com/16fe6

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Two Epiphone Alnico Classic Pro pickups provide powerful humbucker sounds on the guitar amp, with a present midrange spectrum that provides the perfect foundation for the sounds of blues and rock. Thanks to the coil split option, the Epiphone Les Paul Classic Worn Heritage Cherry Sunburst also delivers first-class single-coil sounds with high transparency and lively dynamics. The Epiphone Les. GIBSON EPIPHONE CLASSIC LES PAUL SPECIAL IN BLACK IN VERY NICE OVERALL CONDITION SERIAL NUMBER..SJ03097274 SAE JUNG 2003 MODEL Collection from Whitstable or Postage by Parcelforce International postage through eBay GSP

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  1. The Epiphone serial number decoder currently supports 12 serial number formats Vintage numbers from 1932 to 1970 are supported. Ibanez and Greco Nisshin Onpa (Maxon) pickup serial number format consisting of 5 numbers up to and including 1977. Please click here if you need help locating your Model Number or your Serial Number. Please contact Customer Service if you should have any questions.
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