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Als Vorlage diente die legendäre Patrone GP11 im Kaliber 7,5x55 Swiss. Die Neufertigung von TopShot Competition ist mit einem Vollmantel-Boat-Tail-Geschoss (Bleikern mit Tombakmantel) laboriert. Die Verwendung von Qualitätsmessinghülsen mit Boxerzündung und hochwertigem Treibladungspulver runden die historische Patrone in Matchqualität ab Schweizer GP 11 Kal. 7.5x55 nur noch 4800 Schuss GP 11 Kaliber: 7,5x55 Zustand: neu...weitere Details. 435,00 EUR* 1 Anbieter: Waffenhandel und Waffenverwertung Hirschmann. Geco .223 Rem Target 1000 Schuß Kaliber: .223Rem Zustand: neu...weitere Details. Preis für 1000 Patronen EUR 422,--422,00 EUR* 1 Anbieter: Waffenhaus am Bodensee GmbH. GECO .223 Rem. FMJ Target 55 grain / 3,6 gramm. RUAG (Surplus) 7,5x55 175grs FMJ GP11 RUAG in 2016, recently released a new batch of surplus GP11 7,5x55 to the rest of Europe and the United States. Some batches date from 1992. The final production run of GP11 was in 1994, with Swiss target clubs supplied with later batches of surplus ammunition, dating from 1993. Given that 7 millions round of GP11 is consumed annually by the Swiss, it will. solltest du nicht zumindestens einen kleintransporter haben dann kannst die mengen an 7,5x55 GP11 surplus die ich am lager hab ned infach so mitnehmen. trotzdem bitte ggf vorresevieren. Nach oben. gewo.50 BMG Beiträge: 27166 Registriert: Mo 10. Mai 2010, 12:09. Re: Verfügbarkeit 7,5x55 Swiss GP11 (Thun/Ruag) Beitrag von gewo » Mi 10. Jan 2018, 15:24 gewo hat geschrieben: Standtourist.

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7.5x55mm / GP11: Sellier & Bellot 7.5x55 SWISS 174grs FMJ 11,3g; 50 Stk - Norma 7.5x55 Swiss ORYX Bonded 165grs/10.7g; 20 Stk - PPU 7.5x55 Swiss (GP11) SP 7.5x55 Swiss 174gr GP11 60 rounds Our Price: $42.99 . Fresh from the military supply depot's of the Swiss army, surpus Swiss 7.5x55, 174gr FMJBT ammo. Excellent quality rounds for all of your Swiss 96/11, K11 and K31 bolt-action rifles. Comes in 60-round packs. Usual great Fairy pricing with inexpensive shipping anywhere in CONUS. By bidding, you acknowledge that you are of proper legal age to.

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  1. Orders placed at this time are expected to take up to 5 to 7 days to ship out, but may ship quicker depending on variables. Due to extremely high demand and very limited supply we are very short on inventory at this time. Things will come and go as we receive and sell shipments but it may appear that we are always sold out of popular calibers
  2. Comes with unissued bayonet, spare magazine, sling, snow cap, surplus cleaning kit and over 400 rounds of ammo $1300. Mas 36 . Oct 3, 2020 . A very good MAS 36 , match number ,the bore is shiny bayonet included. Caliber is 7.5x54 (not 7.5x55) Shipping is on buyers dime. Please Contact. Swiss 1889, 96/11, k11 parts. Oct 3, 2020 . I'm looking for parts and part rifles of the earlier Schmidt.
  3. Sellier & Bellot 7,5x55 SWISS 11,3g - 174grs Büchsenmunition Speziell abgestimmt auf Schweizer Ordonanz-Gewehre! Die Sellier & Bellot 7,5x55 SWISS wurde auf Vorlage der Original GP11 Patrone gefertigt und ist speziell abgestimmt auf die Schweizer Ordonanzwaffen Gewehr 1911 und Karabiner K31 im Kaliber 7,5x55 Swiss
  4. Keine Ankündigung bisher. 7,5x55 GP11 (GP31 CIP) Einklappen. X. Einklappen. Beiträge; Letzte Aktivität . Suchen. Seite. Allgemeines zum Wiederladen der 7,5x55 Swiss - 7,5x55 . 7.5x55mm / GP11: TOPSHOT 7.5x55 Swiss (GP11) FMJ BT 174grs; 50 Stk - Norma 7.5x55 Swiss HPBT Match 168grs; 20 Stk - PPU 7.5x55 Swiss (GP11) FMJ BT 174grs/1 ; Ich bin zwar Wiederlader seit ca. 15 Jahren allerdings.

Ammo for all of your military surplus rifles. We are working to build our ammo selection but in time, our wide variety of calibers will include 7.7x57 Japanese, 8x56r, 7.62x54r, 7.62x39, 8mm Mauser, 6.5x50 Japanese, 7.5x55 Swiss, 30-06, 6.5x55 Swedish, Nachgestellt von swissrifle.com-Accurizing Your Swiss Rifle by Pierre St. Marie- 7,5x55 Load Data= er nimmt 37 grs IMR 4064 mit 168 grs SMK oder auch 43,9 grs.Demnächst probiere ich das LOVEX S060 mal !!! Es gibt zwar keinerlei Angaben dazu in Verbindung mit der 7,5x55 , deshalb testen & testen !! Grüße Garand M 1 Zuletzt geändert von Garand M 1; 29.03.2012, 10:07. Kommentar. Abschicken.

08.10.2020 Kaliber: Fabrikat: Geschosstyp: Pack. / Gewicht /g-grs Stück: 1Pack: 500 Stk. 1000 Stk. 1000stk: 5,45x39/60: Hornady 81246: V-Max(Steel) blac Military Surplus; Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle - 7.5x55 - w / Matching # Bayonet and Scabbard ; Swiss K31 Carbine Rifle - 7.5x55 - w / Matching # Bayonet and Scabbard. MPN: Swiss K31 Rifle . Bummer! This is out of stock. Sign up to be the first to know when this item is back in stock. You will now receive updates on this item; Email Address. Notify Me. Consider These In-Stock Alternatives. Ob Prvi in 7,5x55 heutzutage präziser befüllt ist weiss ich nicht, im Kaliber 8x57 macht die Munition aber aktuell einen sehr guten Eindruck. Unterirdisch war aus einem K11 selbstgeladene Munition mit Norma-Hülse und hochwertigem Hohlspitzgeschoss und Qualitätspulver. Aus einem K31 war diese Munition aber angenehm präzise. Die GP11 wiederum war aus diesen beiden Waffen präzise und stand.

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Die Gewehrpatrone 7,5 × 55 mm Swiss ist eine Zentralfeuerpatrone und war von 1911 bis 1994 die Standardmunition der Schweizer Armee für die persönliche Waffe und ist es heute noch für diverse eingeführte Maschinengewehre Norma of Sweden offers 7.5x55 brass and loaded ammunition to shooters in the US. Norma 7.5x55 factory loads give a 180 grain soft point bullet a MV of 2651 fps and muzzle energy of 2810 ft. lbs. The figures at 200 yards are 2223 fps and 1976 ft. lbs

A video of reloading 7.5x55 Swiss . This is on a single stage press. I prefer this for very accurate loads every time. Remember you are responsible for your. This is a site for the collectors of curio and relic surplus military guns.We specialize in Swiss, Mauser and Mosin Nagant, Swed. FORUMS. DISCUSSIONS. MESSAGES. NOTIFICATIONS. C+R Gun Collector Forums > Ammunition and Reloading Section > Reloading Forum > 7.5x55, IMR-4895 Loads. Moderators:Parashooter, CDR Xfire, LoLo25643, JohnLawson1, Montana Cowboy. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 9. 7.5 swiss with a 180 grain bullet can push up to 2400 FPS(feet per second) assuming that you are using a military surplus rifle with a 30 inch barrel. with a shorter barrel the velocity may be reduced by as much as a couple hundred FPS depending on length. by comparison a 308 winchester with a 26 inch barrel is able to push a 180gr bullet about 2600 feet per second 7.5x55 Swiss (GP11) Like most military surplus ammunition, full metal jacket GP11 ammunition does not lend itself well to hunting but can be improved by hollow pointing which produces a fast expanding bullet suitable for medium game but cannot be relied on to give deep penetration. Another common practice is to remove the FMJ projectile using a kinetic bullet puller and replace it with a. Hallo - biete hier 50 Schuss (pro Gebot) Munition ALF 7,5x55 VMJ mit 148 Grain DM111 (Surplus) und neue PPU-Boxerhülsen 16% UsSt. Gewicht für 50 Schuss rund 1,5 Kg so können sie die Versandkosten besser kalkulieren - Abbildung ähnlich!. Verpackt in 50er Gitterbox aus Karton - Schußbild mit K31 auf 100m. Versandkosten: 25,90 EUR - 10 Kg Gesamtgewicht ca 300 Schuss (je nach Kaliber

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  1. 6,5x55 6,5x55 SE 6,5x57 6,5x68 7mm Rem. Mag. 7x64 8x57 IS 8x68 S 9 mm Browning Kurz 9,3x62 9mm Luger 9mm Makarov 9x21 12/65 12/70 12/76 . Art Büchsenpatrone Flintenpatronen Jagdkugelpatronen KK- Patronen Kurzwaffenpatronen Pistolenpatrone Revolverpatrone RWS Short Rifle Sportkugelpatronen . Geschossart Blei-Rundkopf Bleigeschoss Bleischrot Deformationsgeschoss Flintenlaufgeschoss H-Mantel.
  2. Hi All, I am going to start reloading for 7.5x55 Swiss (K31 rifle) and am hoping I can get a little advice before starting out. I am hoping to use cast bullets that I use in .308 rifles (the 30XCB bullet seems like it may be a good candidate for this caliber) and also I am not against experimenting a little
  3. Surplus .308 Win (7,62x51) Vollmantel Military 250er Packung - 148 Schneller Versand Fachberatung Große Auswah
  4. Surplus Ammunition 7.5mm Schmidt-Rubin (7.5x55mm Swiss) 174 Grain Full Metal Jacket GP 11 Product Family #: 1918322995; Product #: Manufacturer #: UPC #: Loading image... Our price $6.99 through $299.99 ($0.62 - $0.70 per round) 0 at this price. List Price: Our Price: $ 6.99 - $ 299.99 ($0.62 - $0.70 per round) Add to Cart for Special Price SHIPS FREE Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping.
  5. 7.5x55 Swiss reload. Thread starter topclass2017; Start date May 20, 2018; topclass2017. Gold $$ Contributor. May 20, 2018 #1 My grandson recently purchased a Swiss K11 and I'm helping him find a reliably accurate load using either 150g or 168g SMK's. Suggested starting direction for powder and load? He/we would like to keep it tame for shooting at 500 yards or less. joshb. Gold $$ Contributor.

Surplus Swiss 7.5x55 GP11 Pack of 10. $9.99. $1.00. buy from Lanz Shooting Supplies. Swiss GP11 7.5X55 Case of 480rds. $525.99. $1.10. buy from Rangeview Sports. 7.5x55 Swiss Ammunition by Sellier & Bellot, 174gr FMJ. Boxer primed, brass cased. Per box of 50 $57.95. $1.16. buy from Trade Ex Canada. Sellier & Bellot 7.5x55mm Swiss 174gr. FMJ 50rds. $57.99. $1.16 . buy from G4C. GP11 - 7.5 x 55. 7.5x55 Swiss 174 Grain FMJ Prvi Partizan Ammo item number PP7SF or PP721 for sale online at SGAmmo.com, the best website for online ammo sales with quick efficient shipping, careful order packaging, and low affordable ammo prices on popular types of ammunition for sale. 20 Rounds per Box, 10 boxes per Cas 7 5x55 jagdmunition. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪7 5x55‬! Schau Dir Angebote von ‪7 5x55‬ auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter Riesen Auswahl an Baumarktartikeln.Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Die Gewehrpatrone 7,5 × 55 mm Swiss ist eine Zentralfeuerpatrone und war von 1911 bis 1994 die Standardmunition der Schweizer Armee für die persönliche Waffe und ist. Neither the Schmidt-Rubin rifles or the 7,5x55 cartridge ever became popular outside Switzerland. However, a number of surplus rifles have been sold in the US and Norma supplies both cartridges and cases for reloading. Alle zeigen 7,5 x 55 Swiss Show all Norma Bras

Swiss GP11 - 7.5x55, 174gr, FMJ, Pack of 60 Details. Details Swiss Ammunition This authentic GP11 is 174 grains and full metal jacket. This ammo in non-corrosive 7.5X55 Swiss Ammo Can Decal Gun Ammunition Box Firearm Gloss Sticker AG - 2 Pack. Brand New. C $2.96. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States +C $1.65 shipping. Vickerman A860975 7.5 x 55 Camdon Fir Tree 1758 Tips. Brand New. C $332.34. From United States. Buy It Now . Customs services and international tracking provided +C $21.00 shipping. NS2627 3 Pack LEE .3055.

80 Patronen Norma 7,5x55 180grs Softpoint Teilmantel stehe bei 90 Euro, Restlaufzeit 6 Tage. Aber bei grauwolf kosten 100 Norma Hülsen im Kaliber 7,5x55 Swiss 145,00 Euro. Bei Arms24 kosten die 100 St. 139,90 Euro. Triebel will 153,00 Euro. Vor 5 Jahren habe ich 100 Norma Hülsen in diesem Kaliber für nur 100 Euro bekommen bei Egun. Was ich als günstig bezeichne. Denn wenn gut nicht gut. Produktinformationen PPU 7,5X55 SWISS FMJ BT 174grs 100 Stk/Pkg Ladung und Geschossgewicht speziell abgestimmt auf historische Schusswaffen. Erwerbspflicht: Waffenbesitzkarte oder Waffenpass . KEIN VERSAND DA GEFAHRGUT. Gefahrgutklasse 1.4 Achtung! Gefahr durch Feuer oder Splitter, Spreng- und Wurfstücke. Von Hitze, heißen Oberflächen, Funken, offenen Flammen und anderen Zündquellenarten. 7.5mm Swiss: 7.5x55 FMJ GP-11 We have back in stock Military Surplus GP-11 this is packed in 60 round bricks and is reported to be some of the best shooting ammo available for the Swiss Rifle. Non-Corrosive, Berdan primed, 174 grain FMJ. Get yours while you can. Currently out of stock . New Contact ID Form: 7.5x55 FMJ Prvi Partizan We have in stock from Serbia new commercial 7.55x55 ammunition.

Caliber: 7.5x55 Swiss (Schmidt Rubin) GP 31 Suitable for the following guns: Model 1896/11 and Model 31 Barrel length: 24 Note: We do suggest A-2520/A-4064 as the better options. Caution: Due to variations in internal dimensions with guns manufactured for this caliber, it is extremely important to heed the cautions below by starting at the minimum START Loads and carefully develop loads in. Many 7.5x55 Swiss shooters enjoy the K31 model rifle for its classic stylings and unique straight-pull bolt action. Swiss Military Cartridge Swiss Military Cartridge Als Spezialist für Surplus-Munition in Nato und Ostblockkalibern werden Sie hier mit Sicherheit fündig, wenn nicht dann nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt zu uns auf, wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter Munition, Norma, 7.5x55 Swiss, 180grs. Oryx Verkaufspreis 87,00 CHF. Munition Gruppe für Munition. Kaliber M 7.5x55 Kaliber von Kat Munition. Hersteller Munition Norma Hersteller von Munition. Geschossart M Teilmantel. Produkteinheiten pro Packung: 20 . Shop Filter. Suche. Kategorie. Kaliber M. 17 Hornet (1) 5.45x39 (2) 22 Hornet (2) 222 Remington (3) 223 Remington (21) 5.56 Nato (2) 243.

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7.5x54 French Ammo; 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo; 30-30 Win Ammo; 30 Carbine Ammo; 300 AAC Blackout Ammo; 300 Whisper Ammo; 7.62x39 Ammo; 308 / 7.62x51 Ammo; 30-06 Springfield Ammo; 7.62x54R Ammo; 7.65x53 Argentine; 300 WBY Ammo ; 300 Win Mag Ammo; 300 WSM Ammo; 300 RUM Ammo; 303 British Ammo; 7.9x33 Kurz Ammo; 8mm Mauser Ammo; 8x56RS Mannlicher Ammo; 32-20 WCF Ammo; 338 Lapua Ammo; 338 Win Mag Ammo; 35. SURPLUS Natogeschosse für.308 WIN,.300BLK,.30-06, 7,5x55 Flecken sind vorhanden durch die Abdichtung gegen Nässe, was aber die Präzision nicht beeinflußt. Gute Präzision, die Gewichtsabweichung der Geschosse ist minimal, der Boden ist mit einem Metallplättchen geschlossen, (vollgekapseltes Geschoss). Mantel Platine verzinnt, Bleikern Wts Swiss k31 7.5x55: $450: 10/11 15:37: Northwest Firearms: WTS: Swiss K31 w/ Diopter Sights & 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo: $4000: 10/11 14:56: AR-15.com: WTS: Swiss K31 w/ Diopter Sights & 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo: $150: 10/11 14:55: Northwest Firearms: WTS: Swiss K31 w/ Diopter Sights & 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo: $4000: 10/11 14:53: Armslist (Sacramento) K31 SWISS w troop tag and bayo: $1200: 10/07 14:48: Gunboards. 7,5X55 SWISS Norma Die Gewehrpatrone 7,5 × 55 mm Swiss ist eine Zentralfeuerpatrone und war von 1911 bis 1994 die Standardmunition der Schweizer Armee für die persönliche Waffe und ist es heute noch für diverse eingeführte Maschinengewehre 7,5x55 SWISS von S&B Geschoßgewicht 174grs / 11,3gram Geschoßform Vollmantel Hülse Messing 50 Schuß = 1,2Kg 37,00€ 500 Schuß = 12 Kg 365,00€ EWB Pflichtig !! Versandkosten 1 - 10,00Kg 25,00€ 10,1 - 20,00Kg 35,00€ RWM Handel. Die Surplus Spezialisten an der A24. Munition. Schusswaffen. Waffenpflege; Feuerwerk; Ausrüstung. Wiederladen. Kategorien Munition Langwaffenmunition.

TOPSHOT 7,5X55 174 GRS / 11,3 GRAMM FMJBT 50 STK PACKUNG ACHTUNG KEIN VERSAND MÖGLICH! Marke TOP SHOT. Artikel-Nr. 195598. Technische Daten GESCHOßGEWICHT 174 GRS / 11,3 GRAMM KALIBER 7.5x55 Swiss Besondere Bestellnummern. Zustand Neuer Artikel. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch SURPLUS 7,62X39 123 GRS 8 G... SURPLUS 7,62X39 123 GRS 8 G FMJ 100 STK . Auf Lager: 62. I found my K31 through AIM Surplus. For a total of $300, I couldn't pass it up. Finally got it today, and cleaned the action, and barrel! It's like a Swiss watch Heutige Beiträge; Benutzerliste; Kalender; Forum; Munition; Langwaffenmunition; Herzlich Willkommen im Waffen-Welt.de Forum. Falls sie Hilfe benötigen, finden sie viele Antworten auch in unserer FAQ.Um alle Funktionen unserer Seite in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können, ist eine Registrierung notwendig 7.5x54 French Ammo; 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo; 30-30 Win Ammo; 30 Carbine Ammo; 300 AAC Blackout Ammo; 300 Whisper Ammo; 7.62x39 Ammo ; 308 / 7.62x51 Ammo; 30-06 Springfield Ammo; 7.62x54R Ammo; 7.65x53 Argentine; 300 WBY Ammo; 300 Win Mag Ammo; 300 WSM Ammo; 300 RUM Ammo; 303 British Ammo; 7.9x33 Kurz Ammo; 8mm Mauser Ammo; 8x56RS Mannlicher Ammo; 32-20 WCF Ammo; 338 Lapua Ammo; 338 Win Mag Ammo; 35. Was kosten Norma 7,5x55 Jagdmunition. Themenstarter anonym; Beginndatum 2 Nov 2015; Vorherige. 1; 2; Erste Vorherige 2 von 2 Gehe zur Seite. Weiter. Z. Zündnadel. 2 Nov 2015 #16 . Mitglied seit 13 Jul 2015 Beiträge 298 Gefällt mir 0. 2 Nov 2015 #16. riffer hat gesagt.: Alte Bestände finden sich sicherlich. Wann wurde diese Surplus gefertigt, welcher Hersteller? Würde mich sehr erstaunen.

If, by some miracle, you can actually find .284 Winchester brass, it's possible to form 7.5X55 Swiss cases from them. A few decades ago this was probably your best option, but thankfully, those times are long gone Military Surplus. Exerzierpatronen 7,5x55 6 St. auf Ladestreifen. Drucken. Exerzierpatronen 7,5x55 6 St. auf Ladestreifen . Artikel-Nr.: Mil-1232 (2) Zur Zeit leider nicht lieferbar 15,00 € Preis inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand. Vergleichen; Weiterempfehlen; Frage stellen; Beschreibung; Bewertungen (2) Original schweizer Exerzierpatronen 7,5x55 , 6 Stück komplett auf Ladestreifen. gebrauchter.

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  1. Munition GP11 7.5x55 suisse: Munition GP11 7.5x55 suisse : 59 € en commande Description: Munition de surplus Suisse Douille laiton, amorçage berdan, ogives FMJ de 175gr 59 euros les 60 munitions Conditionnées en boite de 60 et sous boite de 10 . pour l'achat des ces articles, merci de nous faire parvenir par mail, ou courrier : Achat ogives et douilles et chargeurs cat B : - copie d.
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  3. SURPLUS 7,62X39 123 GRS 8 G FMJ 100 STK. 100 STK PACKUNG MIT STAHLHÜLSE LACKIERT UND CIP. Marke SURPLUS. Artikel-Nr. X500044. Auf Lager 70 Artikel. Technische Daten GESCHOßGEWICHT 124 GRS / 8 GRAMM KALIBER 7,62x39 Besondere Bestellnummern . Zustand Neuer Artikel. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch PIONEER ARMS RADOM AKM... PIONEER ARMS AK47 SPORTER POLYMER 7,62x39.
  4. Didn't mean to mislead you, I am reloading commercial 7.5x55 brass, not the GP11 brass. I don't have a good source for berdan primers and I don't have the patience for reloading berdan brass. I've got a bunch of .284 brass that I resized for 7.5x55 and when I get going it doesn't take long to pound out a couple hundred rounds. Of course, it.
  5. Military Surplus (1) Sort Filter Sort Products Sort by: View: Page 1/1 HORNADY AMMO 7.5x55 SWISS 165gr BTSP 20/BX 10/CS . Log-in or apply for an account to see dealer prices. In Stock Item #: HRN80487 Prvi Partizan Ammo 7.5x55 Swiss 174gr FMJ 20 per box . Log-in or apply for an account to see dealer prices. Out of stock. Item #: PP7SF Prvi Partizan Ammo 7.5x55 Swiss 174gr SP 20 per box . Log.
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Prvi 7.5x55 Swiss Ammunition PP7SF 174 Grain Full Metal Jacket 20 Rounds. Write a Review Write a Review. Prvi 7.5x55 Swiss Ammunition PP7SF 174 Grain Full Metal Jacket 20 Rounds . Rating Required. Name Email Required. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. $25.99. Our Price: $18.99 (You save $7.00) After Rebate Price Per Round. Per Round Cost: SKU: PP7SF Weight: 1.37 LBS Caliber: 7.5x55mm. SWISS GP11 7.5X55 FMJ LEAD CORE 480 RDS/CASE. Sealed 480 rds case of 7.5×55mm Swiss GP11 ammunition. Ammunition case packaging breakdown: - 10 rounds per box - 6 boxes per brick - 8 bricks per case. 174gr brass case with Berdan primers and Cupronickel jacketed bullets with lead core. Also sold in a 10rd pack and 60rd brick. Photos are for representation purposes only. Shipped item will be in.

Here are the results of my experimental 7.5x55 loads using Varget: Common components: Graf brass cases and WW regular large rifle primers. 150 grain US military surplus .308 bullet 42.0 gr. Varget 2498 fps. avg. muzzle velocity 18.87 fps. standard deviation Cartridge OAL: 2.920 Reasonable accuracy 168 grain Sierra HPBT match bullet .308 44.0 gr. Anybody reloading 7.5x55 Swiss? After years of putting the K31 on the back burner, I finally bought one off of gunbroker last night! I know the GP11 surplus ammo is fast drying up, and I plan on reloading for the K31

7.5x55 ammunition, also known as the GP 11, and is commonly known to military surplus enthusiasts as the Schmidt-Rubin round. The unofficial nickname comes from the fact the round was designed for the Swiss Army, and their Schmidt Rubin Model 1889 rifle. The GP 11 came about after a series of different experiments with similar cartridges, and. 2 product ratings - LEE 7.5X55 7.5 x 55 Swiss Quick Trim Die LEE 90419. $14.83. Top Rated Plus. Sellers with highest buyer ratings; Returns, money back; Ships in a business day with tracking ; Learn More Top Rated Plus. Trending at $15.83 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns. 2 watchers. Watch; Rubber cushion Dummy Rounds 7.5x55 Schmidt.

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  1. K31 K11 SCHMIDT RUBIN STRIPPER CLIP 7.5X55 SCHMIDT RUBIN SWISS BROWN . $17.99. 17 sold. K31 K11 SCHMIDT RUBIN STRIPPER CLIP 7.5X55 Purple SWISS . $18.99. 4 sold. Swiss K31, K11, Schmidt Rubin, PE57, Stgw57 Cleaning Kit, Lightly Used Excellent. $20.00. 1 sold. Sponsored Listings. Brass Muzzle Cap Cover Rifle Swiss K31 K11 Schmidt Rubin Military Surplus #3. $24.95. Brass Muzzle Cap Cover Rifle.
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  3. imalen Toleranzen gefertigter Matchmunition.Doch auch letztere erbringen aus unterschiedlichen Waffen auch jeweils unterschiedliche Präzision 7,5x55 swiss

7.5x55 Ammo found in: MTM Deluxe R-100 Series Rifle Ammo Box - 100 rd, Green, PPU Rifle Ammunition 7.5x55mm Swiss 174 gr SP 2525 fps - 20/ct, PPU Rifle Ammunition 7.5mm x 55 Swiss 174 gr FMJ-BT 2525 fps 20/ct, Lee Factory Rifle. Swiss 7.5x55 GP11 174grn FMJ 10rd box Match Quality Surplus Swiss 7.5x55 GP11 ammunition. Features a 174grn full jacketed bullet, brass case, and non-corrosive berdan primer. Packaged 10rds to box, 60rds (6 boxes) to a sleeve, and 480rds.. K31 séléctionné calibre 7.5x55 GP11 Schmidt Rubin. L'équipe d'ADS. Thursday, October 6, 2016 . Anonyme Rating: 3 out of 5; K31 séléctionné PARFAIT ETAT - Thursday, October 6, 2016. L'équipe d'ADS . Merci de vous connecter ou de créer un compte pour donner votre avis pour ce produit.. LEE Collet DIE SET 7.5X55 Swis

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Prvi Partizan PPU 6.5x55 Swede 139gr FMJ 20rd Box. $13.95. Quick view. Prvi Partizan. Prvi Partizan PPU 7.5 Swiss 174gr Soft Point 20rd Box . $15.50. Quick view. Prvi Partizan. Prvi Partizan PPU 7.65 Argentine FMJ 174grn 20rd Box. $15.95. Quick view. Prvi Partizan. Prvi Partizan PPU 7.5 French 139gn FMJ 20rd Box. $15.95 × × Hey There! Let's Customize Your Experience. Select your state below. The quality of our products is always our priority and to that end we utilize only the most modern equipment and machinery. Through years of research and innovation we managed to develop a wide assortment of ammunition, which will suit the needs of the most particular users 7,62x39 7,62x54R 7x57R 7x64 8x57JRS 8x57Mauser 9,3x62 9,3x62Mauser 9,3x74R 9mmBrowningK 9mmLuger 9mmPAKnall 9mm R Knall 12/67,5 12/70 12GA 16GA 20GA 28GA 40 bis 45 41 bis 45 50BMG 410GA 416 Rigby Modell 50 Rounds 100 Rounds American Eagle Auto-Match BTSP Clean Range Core-Lokt Cowboy Action Custom Express FMJ FMJ-Flat 158grs. Misc. Surplus Parts Remington Parts Ruger Parts Shotgun Parts SKS Parts Suppressors Bipods Bolt Catches Barrels Bolts Buffer Tubes Buffers Castle Nuts Charging Handles Complete Uppers. Produktinformationen S&B 7,5x55 SWISS FMJ 174grs 50 Stk/Pkg Erwerbspflicht: Waffenbesitzkarte oder Waffenpass. Gefahrgutklasse 1.4 Achtung! Gefahr durch Feuer oder Splitter, Spreng- und Wurfstücke. Von Hitze, heißen Oberflächen, Funken, offenen Flammen und anderen Zündquellenarten fernhalten. Nicht rauchen. Irrtümer, Druckfehler und Änderungen vorbehalten. Unsere Produktfotos und.

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Warum man auch bei 7,62x25 Surplus regelmässig reinigen sollte Einklappen. X. Einklappen. Beiträge; Letzte Aktivität. The 7.5×55mm Swiss or GP 11 (or unofficially 7.5×55mm Schmidt-Rubin) is a cartridge developed for the Swiss Army by mechanical engineer Lt. Col. Eduard Rubin for rifles based on Rudolf Schmidt's action design. The ammunition used by the Schmidt-Rubin Model 1889 rifle was one of the first to use 7.5 mm copper-jacketed rounds similar to those used today [quote='VDB','http://www.vdb-waffen.de/de/gebrauchtwaffenmarkt/uebersicht/5y13dn3x/nmdqyxh3.html'] Kategorie: Munition - Munition Langwaffen Kaliber: 7,5x55

OVER 10,000rds Ammo stash liquidation (8mm,303,7Swiss 7,5mm GP-11 ammo 40rds, 7M96 Swedish Mauser 6

7.5x55 Swiss In Stock Ammo Deals gun.deal

About Ventura Munitions. We started in 2010 to offer competitively priced specialty and bulk ammo. We have since opened a store in Las Vegas offering the same great prices and dedication to top-notch customer service, not to mention Cerakote & laser engraving in Las Vegas, all done in house Pufferpatrone Alu 2 Stück 7,5x55 und 6,5x55 passt sowohl in den Schwedenmauser als auch in die Schweizer Ordonannz zum Abfangen des Schlagbolzens beim Entspannen von Kurz- und Langwaffen. Besonders geeignet für Trockenübungen von Sportschützen und in Jungjägerkursen. Durch die Formgebung (auch bei Dunkelheit) keine Verwechslung mit. Grabbed 360 rounds of GP11 7.5x55 Swiss ammo, 25 rounds of PPU, and 15 PPU fired cases at my local gun shop for $200. Pretty good deal for a gun shop. I don't even have a K31 yet but I will in a few weeks. Anyway, does anyone know of any vendors with GP11 ammo in stock? I'm kicking myself for not ordering a case from wideners.com last month when it was still in stock I checked all the usual.

7.5x55 Military Surplus Rifles For Sale - ClassicFirearms.co

Just finished up a batch of 7.5x55 Swiss cartridges with 45.1 grains/42.8 grains of H4350 underneath a 175 grain Berger VLD. Initial load data is from Accurizing your Swiss Rifle by Pierre St. Marie and Hornady 6th Edition. I winced when I bought a box of the Berger's, but I am excited to see how the pattern at 100 yards and perform at 500. Shop today for 7.5x55 Swiss Rifle Ammo and 7.5x55 Ammunition at Sportsman's Guide for great selection and value. Skip to main content Massive Mil Surplus Sale Up to 40% of SURPLUS 7,62 x 54R 7,62 x 54 R. Kaliber: 7,62 x 54 R Zustand: neu 141,00 EUR* 1. Artikeldetails. byf 41 PARABELLUM 08 - byf 41. Kaliber: 9 mm Luger / 9x19 Zustand: 2 - gepflegt, leichte Gebrauchsspuren 985,00 EUR* 1. Artikeldetails. byf 42 PARABELLUM 08 - byf 42. Kaliber: 9 mm Luger / 9x19 Zustand: 1 - gepflegt, sehr gut 1.180,00 EUR* 1. Artikeldetails. COLT USA PYTHON. Kaliber: 357 Mag./38.

7.5x55mm / GP11 - Munitionsdepot Zwinge

Wolf 7.5x55 Swiss If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed Hi, bin auf der Suche nach günstigen Vollmantel-Patronen für 7,5x55 - mein günstigster Anbieter bisher : Sportarms - Surplus (inkl.Porto) für 40ct/Patrone bei 1000 Patronen Abnahme. Hat die GP11 mit Fettring. Wer hat ein besseres - am besten konkretes:) - Angebot gefunden? Danke im voraus

Military Surplus - ammunitionfairy

7.62x54R Ammo. The 7.62x54R is a very potent cartridge, in the same class as the 30-06. This round has excellent intrinsic accuracy as well. The bullets used in the military variants have a particularly elongated shape which results in a significantly high ballistic coefficent contributing to very good long range performance and high retained energy, close to a .300 Winchester Magnum round. Both have beechwood stock. One of them has some handling marks as normal for a surplus rifle. $649 . 1916 W+F Bern Schmidt-Rubin Karabiner Model 1911 (K11 Swiss) 7.5x55 Straight Pull Carbine Rifle. Sep 27, 2020 . For sale is a beautiful all original 1916 K11 Swiss carbine - sometimes called the Schmidt-Rubin, in great condition with no pitting, no rust, with a shiny chamber and bore with deep. Prvi Partizan's 7.5x55 Swiss ammo is designed to provide accurate flight paths and flat trajectories with a velocity of 2526 feet per second. The soft point projectile will expand on impact with maximum energy transfer resulting in high terminal performance. Prvi Partizan has been manufacturing high quality ammunition in Serbia since 1928 and offers cartridges for shooters of every type. This. Surplus Munition. Büchsenmunition: Angabe in € pro Schuss 5,45x39 Russisch - 0,50€ 5,56x45 Nato - 0,50€ 7,62x39 Russisch - 0,50€ 7,62x39 Russisch Subsonic original Militär - 1,80€ 7,62x51 Nato (.308) - 0,60€ 7,62x54R Nagant - 0,65€ 8x56R - 1,20€ 8x56R Wehrmachtsgestempelt - 1,35€ 8x57IS - 1,20€ Kal. 4 Rauch/Fallschirm. Any decent 7.5x55 sizing die will work just fine for the K31. The idea that only the Hornady or Redding die is correct for the K31 chamber has been way overdone at some sites. In practice, the most often cited benefit of the wide-shouldered K31 die is very slight - for the simple reason that it works the neck no more or less than a 1911-style die and it's the neck that fails first from work.

7.5×55mm Swiss - Wikipedi

7.5x55 Swiss Reloading Equipment. By scharfschutze1 in forum Ammunition and Reloading for Old Milsurps Replies: 3 Last Post: 01-18-2012, 12:19 PM. Hornady 174 gn rn and Varget? By aprayinbear in forum Ammunition and Reloading for Old Milsurps Replies: 9 Last Post: 04-07-2011, 02:16 AM. Varget. By Baal in forum The Lee Enfield Knowledge Library Collectors Forum Replies: 4 Last Post: 02-05-2011. Created with Sketch. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu. 613-372-266 Munition Sellier&Bellot 7.5x55 Swiss 174grs. VM Munition Munition, Sellier&Bellot, 7.5x55 Swiss, 174grs. Vollmante

The Swiss K31 7.5x55. A Precision Surplus Rifle Ahead of ..

Sellier & Bellot 7,5x55 SWISS 11,3g - 174grs Büchsenmunition - Speziell abgestimmt auf Schweizer Ordonanzwaffen Sellier & Bellot ist ein tschechischer Munitions-Hersteller und Tochterunternehmen von CBC, auch unter dem Namen Magtech bekannt, einem der größten Produzenten von Munition weltweit. Die Fi.. Waffenhandel Türk. 82,50 € Cart. Anmelde

Ruag 7,5x55 swiss kaufe swiss 512 2

Waffenhandel Türk. 15,90 € Cart. Anmelde

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