Ue boom hard reset

UE BOOM geht nicht an: Auf Werkseinstellungen zurücksetze

  1. Für einen Hard-Reset auf die Werkseinstellungen beim UE BOOM muss man nicht mehr machen als die Lautstärke-Leiser-Taste sowie die Power-Taste für eine Weile gedrückt zu halten, bis ein Tön zu hören ist. Anschließend schaltet sich der Lautsprecher aus
  2. Um Ihren UE Boom zu resetten, drücken Sie zunächst bitte gleichzeitig auf die Leiser-Taste und die Power-Taste des Lautsprechers. Halten Sie beide Tasten dabei so lange gedrückt, bis ein Ton zu..
  3. Das Zurücksetzen von dem UE BOOM auf die Werkseinstellungen ist recht einfach, vorausgesetzt man kennt die Tastenkombination dafür. Um den Lautsprecher auf die Werkseinstellungen zurückzusetzen musst Du einfach nur bei ausgeschalteten UE BOOM die Lautstärke-Leiser-Taste und die An-Aus-Taste für rund 10 Sekunden gedrückt halten
  4. UE Boom Speaker Factory Reset . Note: All Bluetooth pairings will be lost! 1. Press and hold the Volume down key and the Power key until you hear a sound. 2. The UE Boom loudspeaker then switches off automatically. 3. Now start the Bluetooth loudspeaker as usual. 4. Then it must be paired again via Bluetooth! The UE Boom loudspeaker should now work as usual and no longer cause any problems.

Wie kann ich meinen UE Boom resetten? So klappt es

Überprüfe das Pairing der UE Boom Wenn sich dein UE Boom nicht über Bluetooth verbindet, stelle sicher, dass sich der Lautsprecher im Pairing-Modus befindet. Drücke und halte dazu die Bluetooth-Pairing-Taste am Lautsprecher, die sich über der Netztaste befindet, bis du einen Ton hörst. Die Bluetooth-LED am Lautsprecher sollte nun blinken You will hear a tone indicating that the reset was done and your speaker should turn off. This reset will bring your speaker back to factory settings. Turn your speaker back on using the power button. The speaker will be in Bluetooth discovery/pairing mode

If you don't know how to reset UE Boom settings to their original factory default, follow these steps: Turn on your UE Boom. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time until you hear a sound. Your UE Boom will then turn off Factory rest [for UE Boom 2] Note that doing this many times in a row may harm your speaker, so refrain from doing this more than once or twice. What does this mean exactly? I have tried resetting my UE Boom 2 and now the Bluetooth Sync light won't stop flashing when I try to turn it on. And it won't display on any devices either. Is this. Yesterday my Boom went nuts. It was playing and I could change feeds via the web interface, but none of the buttons responded. I tried unplugging and then going through the network setup that showed when repowered, but after it reconnected it was still unresponsive. After a few tries I thought I would do a reset, but couldn't find any instructions on how to do this Press and hold the {Volume-} and the {Power} button together for about 10seconds. You will hear a tone to confirm the reset was completed. The UE Boom 3 will turn off. When you turn it on again, it will be ready to pair

Bei gleichzeitigem Drücken der Lautstärketasten + ein Stimmsignal, das Sie über den Ladezustand des Akkus Ihrer UE BOOM (in Prozent) informiert Press and hold the power button and the volume down button, until you hear a sound. The Boom 2 will reset


UE BOOM lädt nicht mehr: Anleitung zum Reset

Der UE Boom 2 schaltet sich dann aus. Schalte den Lautsprecher wieder ein und versuche das Pairing nochmals. UE Boom 2 App funktioniert nicht. Die App stellt keine Verbindung zum Lautsprecher her, oder stürzt immer wieder ab. Die App braucht ein Update. Kontrolliere, ob die App auf neuestem Stand ist. Gehe zum App Store/Google Play Store und schaue, ob es Updates gibt. Wenn ja, dann. The factory reset routine on the Ultimate Ears Boom line of wireless speakers works as detailed next. Resetting UE Wonderboom speakers wipes any earlier paired Bluetooth devices from their internal memory. Clearing this data prevents the UE from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices after the factory reset Hardware Gebrauchte Computer und Zubehör PC Komplettsysteme Raspberry Pi und Co Mainboards, BIOS, Prozessoren, RAM Grafikkarten und Monitore Audio-Hardware Drucker, Scanner, Kombis PC-Selbstbau.

After you download the app, run it and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll need to connect your ULTIMATE EARS BOOM to your computer to complete the update. REQUIREMENTS: This update supports Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X (10.8.x) and above. MAC OS X UPDATE WINDOWS UPDAT How to reset a BLAST or MEGABLAST that won't turn ON After resetting the speaker, it's highly RECOMMENDED that you use the Ultimate Ears app (available from the app stores for iOS and Android) to check for available firmware updates for your speaker. To do this, launch the app > tap on the settings icon > scroll to the bottom of the screen and press Check for Updates. (Depending. How to reset UE Wonderboom. The Wonderboom speaker then enters factory hard reset. Within a couple seconds, the unit powers off after reset is done. The falling electronic ker-plunk sounds, and the status lamp in the Power button goes dark, as shown next

UE Boom Reset speaker to factory settings - solve

Video: Logitech UE Boom Fehlersuche - iFixi

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is crafted from the sexiest and most uninhibited premium materials in the known universe. Tough, resilient and absolutely stunning. #PARTY UP Amplify the party! Use the UE BOOM app to wirelessly connect 150+ BOOM, BOOM 2, BOOM 3, MEGABOOM and MEGABOOM 3 speakers. Join the Party APP IS AWESOME Use your App to download the features like Remote On/Off, Customizable EQ, Tap. 1) Delete the Boom app from your device. Do not add back until a later step. 2)Reset the MegaBoom to factory defaults by holding the Power and Volume Down (-) buttons when powered on. After a few seconds, an audible confirmation of the reset will occur and the speaker will power down Votre UE Boom s'éteindra. Rallumez-le et réessayez d'appairer votre appareil. Notez bien que faire cela de nombreuses fois peut endommager votre enceinte, donc évitez de faire cela plus d'une fois ou deux. Le haut-parleur ne démarre pas. J'ai essayé d'appuyer sur le bouton de marche pour allumer le haut-parleur, mais il ne s'allume pas. Le haut-parleur n'est pas chargé. Si le voyant. Wählen Sie auf dem mobilen Endgerät in der Bluetooth Geräteliste UE BOOM aus und bestätigen ggf das Verbinden (Pairing). Ein Reset des Lautsprechers (zurück auf Werkseinstellung / Auslieferungszustand) kann durch ein gleichzeitiges Drücken der Tasten Ein-/Aus UND Lautstärke - für mindestens 10 Sekunden erreicht werden. Angebot Bestseller Nr. 1. 730 Bewertungen.

Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Hard Reset‬! Kostenloser Versand verfügbar. Kauf auf eBay. eBay-Garantie UE Boom 2 stopped working after Windows 10 1809 Update Follow. moorhuhn 23 October 2018 20:53; Hi, The only solution is a hard reset of the box, which is obviously not great. I tried to reproduce this bug with some laptops and the only common factor seems to be the new Windows 10 1809 Update and an Intel built-in bluetooth device. 0. Comments 0 comments. Please sign in to leave a comment. UE Boom 3 and UE MegaBoom 3 revealed at IFA 2018. Deals change all the time, and some of these may have expired. UE is no stranger to quirky waterproof speakers. The post You'v

Factory reset clears all custom settings, presets, Wi-Fi settings, and Bluetooth pairings from your speaker. Press and hold the VOLUME and SOURCE knobs at the same time for 7 seconds until both the SOLO and MULTI indicators are lit. Your speaker will reset to its factory state after about 1 minute. It is then restored to setup mode and is ready. Can't Connect To Ue Boom. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Reset. How To Hard Reset Blu . Ue Mini Boom Reset. Factory Reset Ue Boom 2 . Ue Megaboom Reset. Hard Reset Ue Megaboom . Factory Reset Ue Megaboom . Latest News from. CBS News. CNET. TVGuide.com. TV.com. ZDNet. Tech Republic. Metacritic . Gamespot. Ads related to: How To Reset Ue Boom Results from Microsoft . Shop Ue Boom Wireless - Amazon. If you hold the Volume down (-) button and the power button for 10 seconds you will hear a noise meaning the UE Boom has been reset. when you try turning them on next they will search for devices. Boom Hardware At A Glance Remote Control A. power turns the Squeezebox Boom on or off. B. home returns the display to the Home Screen (the top level menu). Pressing home again from the Home Screen displays the Now Playing screen. C. left, right, up and down allow you to navigate through track lists, music services, configuration menus, and more. up and down scroll through the menu, right.


UE BOOM works with Bluetooth- enabled devices that support A2DP, such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers. When you turn UE BOOM on for the first time, it automatically goes into pairing mode and searches for a Bluetooth source device to pair with. Page 3: Play UE BOOM Immersion Guide To pair UE BOOM with the NFC- enabled devices, hold your NFC- enabled phone directly against UE. How to Reset Your Mac's Bluetooth Module. Before proceeding, bear in mind that if your setup relies exclusively on Bluetooth for communicating with your keyboard and mouse, then you're going to.

How do I restart or reset the speaker? - Ultimate Ears

UE Boom Troubleshooting - iFixi

bluetooth speakers boom boom room speakers ue boom ue wonderboom ultimate ears All images: Adam Clark Estes It's hard to have long-lasting fun for $129 these days Here's what we thought of the Boom 3: Price and availability. The UE Boom 3 is available to buy for $129.99 (£129.99 / AU$199.95, R2,999), which is around $30 more expensive than its. To set up your speaker, first download the BLAST & MEGABLAST app by Ultimate Ears. This ensures that both your phone and speaker are ready to take full advantage of all the features your speaker comes with. 1. Get the latest version of the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. 2. Make sure you have your wireless network information ready — during setup, you will need. Note: Overall, as a portable speaker of the Logitech UE brand, its voice is really very distinctive, with three-band equalization, loud voice, and excellent bass.It's hard to imagine that this is an apple-sized thing. The voice is very portable at the same time. In addition IPX7 waterproof and 1.5 meters drop can make it can be used in any environment, can be said that UE WONDERBOOM is a. ZYSTERT Official Store has All Kinds of For Logitech UE BOOM II Case Hard Pouch Portable Travel Carrying Storage Bag Case For Logitech UE BOOM 2 Bluetooth Speaker Cover,Waterproof Sport Armband Phone Case Cover For Sumsung Galaxy S8 Plus 6.2 inch Arm band Gym Running Phone Holder Pouch bag,Belt Clip Holster Cell Phone Cases Back Cover for iPhone 6 6s plus iphone 8 iphone 7 plus Luxury Brand.

ZTE blade v6: Hard Reset funktioniert nicht. Mal eine Frage zum Blade V6. UE Boom 2 verbindet sich nicht mehr. ZTE Blade V6 Lineage OS funktioniert nicht. Display Icons / Symbole. Welches Custom-ROM läuft stabil auf dem Blade V6. ZTE Blade V6 mit Root und TWRP [How to] Android 6 Marshmallow für ZTE Blade V6 . Akku für ZTE Blade V6. Pairing von zte blade v6 mit ue megaboom funktioniert nicht. Schritt 1. Schalten Sie den JBL Lautsprecher mit Hilfe des Ein-Aus-Taste ein und drücken die daneben liegende Bluetooth Taste.. Schritt 2. Der Verbindungs-Modus (Pairing) wird aktiviert und sucht nach Bluetooth fähigen Endgeräten in der Nähe. Schalten Sie den Bluetooth Modus auf Ihrem mobilen Endgerät ein. Während die beiden Geräte verbunden werden (Pairing) blinkt die Bluetooth LED xzion said: wouldn't normally necro a thread but i spent two weeks trawling the internet trying to sort this out and this thread is pretty high up on the search rankings, hopefully can help someone. My symptoms: - Previously working bluetooth speaker (UE BOOM 2 in my case) stops connecting - Windows 10 'Bluetooth and Rally the crowd with monstrous sound and hard-hitting bass. Water Proof. Pool and beach ready. Equipped to endure epic pool parties with an IPX7 waterproof rating. 24-HOUR PLAYTIME. Listen all day long with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 24-hour playtime. WIRELESS BLUETOOTH. Share the playlist. Wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones and tablets so you can take turns DJ-ing. Ultimate Ears has skipped a number in order to align the Megaboom 3 with its smaller sibling, the new Boom 3. Related: Best Bluetooth speakers Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 - Design and feature

Factory Reset won't work - UE BOOM 2 - iFixi

Speakers Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Manual. Portable bluetooth speaker (11 pages) Speakers Ultimate Ears BLAST Manual (30 pages) Speakers Ultimate Ears S00163 Quick Start Manual (2 pages) Speakers Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM How-To Manual (3 pages) Speakers Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Faq (24 pages) Summary of Contents for Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM. Page 1 User Manual Step 1 POWER To get started with your. 2-year limited hardware warranty; Design & Build Quality. The UE Megaboom is designed like its smaller sibling the UE Boom 2, however, this speaker is larger. The Power and Bluetooth buttons of. Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 im Test Ultimate Ears Boom 3 im Test Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. für solche mit -Symbol After a month of testing, I determined UE Megaboom 3 is the best of these two portable speakers because of its omnidirectional sound, portability, wireless charging and durability. JBL Xtreme 2 is louder with better sound all-around, but its design doesn't make sense.. I'll compare and contrast these two portable speakers (JBL Xtreme 2 vs. UE Megaboom 3) by evaluating five categories.

When you choose an Ultimate Ears speaker you're choosing one of the most powerful speakers on the market. It's bold, it's brassy and it's got 360° sound. Take your Ultimate Ears speaker with you anywhere or connect it via Alexa to make the most of your smart home setup. And they're as tough as they com UE also offers the Blast ($199), a smaller version of the smart speaker (7.4 x 2.7 inches). Both speakers come in four colors: graphite, blue steel, blizzard and merlot. For comparison, the new. The Good The larger UE Megaboom improves on the already impressive sound quality of the Boom, with even louder sound and fuller bass. It's also waterproof, has upgraded Bluetooth range (and. Ultimate Ears (UE) which is owned by Logitech released its Boom speaker in 2013 to rave reviews. UE has updated the Boom to the UE Boom 2 and I requested it to review. I found that the Boom 2 was.

LTGEM Store has All Kinds of LTGEM Carrying Case for Franklin ProSensor 710/710+ Precision Stud Finder,LTGEM Shockproof EVA Hard Case for JBL Flip 5 Speaker,LTGEM Carrying Case for Xbox One Controller Travel Carry Portable Storage Bag and more On Sale, Find the Best China null at Aliexpress.co Das Squeezebox Radio entspricht der Mono-Konfiguration der Squeezebox Boom mit einem kleinen 2,4-Farbdisplay. Für das Squeezebox Radio ist ein Zubehörkit erhältlich, welches eine Fernbedienung und einen Akkupack enthält, mit dem es auch ohne Netzanschluss betrieben werden kann. Das nachfolgende Gerät wurde mit geänderter Firmware und integriertem Akkupack 2012 unter dem Namen UE Smart. Ue Megaboom Reset Sometimes every user need to perform hard reset computer Windows 7, 8, 10, Dell and others. It allows to return PC to factory settings. You may need to hard reset computer if your device was infected with a virus, if the operating system has been damaged or you want to sale PC, so you need to remove all personal data Ue boom hard reset not working. Installing furby boom on dragon touch y88 tablet? My daughter got furby boom for christmas she has visual land tablet can she get app on this? Ue mini boom update. I got a furby boom for christmas but it won`t scan. i have done everything its told me to. im really sad. the game is saying tbere are soooo many f... I want to know why i cannot connect the furby.

Boom Reset - Slim Device

I have an old ue boom 1 and i'm thinking about upgrading to a ue boom 3. Is it worth it? Close • Posted by 3 minutes ago. I have an old ue boom 1 and i'm thinking about upgrading to a ue boom 3. Is it worth it? comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! More. Hard reset or factory wipe is a method of formatting any Android device ( tablet or mobile). By doing hard reset all the Apps. and files that are installed or created by the user will be deleted. Even the memory card will get formatted. So before going for hard reset or factory swipe, it is suggested to remove the memory card if you do not want data to be erased. 1- Factory Reset (Soft Reset. Drücken Sie gleichzeitig den Reset-Schalter an Ihrem Bluetooth-Gerät. Wählen Sie die Option Mein Gerät ist bereit und sichtbar. Sobald Windows das Gerät findet, folgen Sie dem weiteren Installationsverlauf. Bluetooth-Geräte entfernen . Windows 10 Bluetooth-Problem: Bluetooth-Geräte zulassen. Stellen Sie auch sicher, dass Windows Bluetooth-Geräten erlaubt sich zu verbinden: Gehen Sie. AgGPS® 332 Ultimate Choice receiver AgGPS® 432/442 Receiver AgGPS® 542 GNSS Receiver AgGPS® 542 RTK Base AgGPS® 900/450 Radio AgGPS® 900/450 RTK Base AgGPS® EZ-Boom® System AgGPS® EZ-Guide® 252 System AgGPS® EZ-Guide® 500 System AgGPS® EZ-Guide® Plus Lightbar Guidance System AgGPS® EZ-Guide® SL Lightbar AgGPS® EZ-Map Softwar

Bluetooth-Probleme in Windows 10: Bluetooth korrekt aktivieren. Windows 10: Schalten Sie Bluetooth ein Video abspielen zuerst, stellen Sie sicher, dass Bluetooth unter Windows 10 aktiviert ist.Wo Sie die Option finden, zeigen wir Ihnen im nächsten Artikel und im Video If I only have a free account, how can I use Boom cards with my students? Once you're logged into your Boom teacher account, go to Library, find the deck you want students to use, click on FastPin and select Generate New Pin. You then have two options: Option A: Copy and paste the complete link for students to play, or Option B: Go to the Boom main page (boomlearning.com. BOOM! Buzzer. Freaky Sound Box. Datenschutz. Impressum. Kategorien. Hardware & Software Software Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1. Läuft das Spiel auf meinem Rechner? Beitragsautor Von thorsten; Beitragsdatum; Es gibt kaum etwas frustrierenderes als ein Game, das auf dem eigenen Computer nicht (richtig) läuft, weil eine oder mehrere Komponente(n) nicht den Softwareanforderungen. Anker is the global leader in charging technology, taking your mobile devices further than you ever thought possible. Join us now to win a free high-speed wireless charger

Laden Sie YouTube Videos im MP3-Format kostenlos herunter und speichern Sie die konvertierte Audiodatei auf Ihrem Compute

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 - Boom 3 - Factory-Reset

iFixit is een wereldwijde gemeenschap van mensen die elkaar helpen met reparaties. Laten we de wereld repareren, stuk voor stuk. Vraag hulp aan deskundigen op het antwoordenforum en creëer je eigen handleidingen om met anderen te delen. Repareer je Apple- en Android-apparaten en koop alle benodigde onderdelen en gereedschappen voor je doe-het-zelf-reparatieprojecten Other staple Ultimate Ears features such as PartyUp and Stereo can also be controlled through the free app. You can link up over 150 Megabooms (and Booms, and of any generation, so don't throw away that first-gen Boom from 2014) for an almighty party, and you can pair up two Megaboom 3s for stereo mode. Its Bluetooth range has been increased. Abnormal BIOS setting or overclocking sometimes leads to boot failure on devices.If you forget the original BIOS setting, try to restore BIOS by below methods:. 1.Use the CLRTC header on motherboard to clear BIOS setting. Three methods are suggested below according to different motherboards: a. Two pins are on CLRTC.Please touch two pin feet for around 5-10 seconds by conductor like. You can reset your Galaxy S9 using the given instructions: Open the 'Settings' app on your S9 and head over to 'Backup and Reset' section. Now, select 'Factory Data Reset' and choose 'Erase All'. After you have agreed, this will reset your device deleting all of your data and fixing all issues with your Galaxy S9. Just make sure. I recently bought an UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker. When i try to play music now using my iPhone 6 it works but the music quality is quite bad. There is a scratching sound in the low range sounds. Playing music using other phones, my iPad or my MacBook works perfectly. Also connecting the iPhone 6 via AUX cable to the speaker works fine. I restarted the iPhone, resetted the network settings.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 - Boom 2 - Factory-Reset

Since the last oxygen update, Bluetooth keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to some devices at random, most notably both my UE Boom 2 Windows 10 kann Bluetooth für verschiedene Funktionen verwenden, wie unter anderem Koppelung von Smartphones und Lautsprechern, Dateiversand oder auch PC-Gerätesperre mit Hilfe eines tragbaren.

UE Boom 2 Fehlerbehebung - iFixi

How to Factory Reset UE Wonderboom Speaker - Tom's Tek Sto

For decades, musicians of the highest caliber have relied on Ultimate Ears to hear every note on stage. From the Beastie Boys to Iron Maiden to Lady Gaga, Ultimate Ears are now used by the majority of the world's top touring musicians. shop now shop now. Back To Top. Support Find a Dealer Order Status US Online Store. Sign up to our mailing list Easy at-home fitting; 30 Day Risk-Free trial; 1. The UE Roll 2 is a great little Bluetooth speaker that connects easily to my iPhone. Had an issue when first got it, unit wouldn't charge or turn on. Called UE tech support and they talked me through updating the firmware for the speaker, and all worked well after that. Speaker has fairly loud, clear sound when played at upper volumes. Haven't tried the water proof side of it, so can't say. Comicbook Top 100 Ultimate Users; Comicbook Ultimate Staff; Top 10 Hot Topics; Video . Sign in using your account with: or sign in with your Comicbook.com ID: Email Password. Remember me on this.

Reset der UE Boom Box

Both this Megaboom and the Hyperboom disconnect randomly, which is so frustrating when using the UE app. Without using the app, and just connecting either speaker through Bluetooth, there has NEVER been a dropped connection. Overall - could be improved. I hope another app comes along to replace Ultimate Ears. Sound quality is good for this MB 3 Portable bluetooth speakers too.My favourite are Logitech UE Boom serires (Mega Boom, Boom 2, etc. I have a couple of Mega Boom)- cheaper than Bose- still decent sound quality, including bass on the Mega Boom sub-serie.- decent battery times (unless you turn the Always on BLE, but come on, is it s.. Hardware, die per USB-Kabel mit dem Computer verbunden wird, erkennt das System sogar im laufenden Betrieb. Erkennt das Betriebssystem eine Hardware nicht automatisch, so wird ein externer Treiber benötigt. Dieser befindet sich in der Regel auf einer beiliegenden CD oder DVD der Hardware oder kann alternativ auch aus dem Internet geladen werden. Generell sind die Gerätetreiber kostenlos. Die. If a third-party Bluetooth speaker (i.e., the Libratone Zipp, Sonos One, Onkyo P3, and most UE speakers) supports Alexa, you can control it with the manufacturer's app. Be aware, however, that only Amazon Music can be used for these devices

1.000.000+ free PDF manuals from more than 10.000 brands. Search and view your manual for free or ask other product owners Ein Apple MacBook genügt allerhöchsten Ansprüchen. Kaufen Sie Ihr Wunschmodell jetzt bei MediaMarkt und lesen Sie hier mehr zur Auswahl Ik heb mijn UE Boom aangesloten via bluetooth aan mijn laptop en ik was muziek aan het draaien via Spotify. Nu is het mij al 2 keer overkomen dat ik na een Microsoft teams call geen muziek meer kan draaien op de speaker tenzij ik deze helemaal reset. Maar ik vind het nogal een gedoe om mijn speaker helemaal te resetten na elke call. Relevante software en hardware die ik gebruik Ik gebruik een. GSM-Forum > Product Support Sections > Hard/Software Products (official support) > Ultimate Multi Tool Box: Boom Boom Samsung G530H FRP Reset Done No need FRP File.By UMT User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register : FAQ: Donate: Forum Rules : Root any Device ★iPhone Unlock★ -= Z3X JTAG PLUS =- Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read: Ultimate Multi Tool Box Multi GSM & CDMA Box LinkBack. Choose from: Incase,LaCie,Logitech,Mophie,NATIVE UNIO

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